Perfect Fit: Summertime Fine...My Latest, My Latest & My Greatest...

Summertime Fine...My Latest, My Latest & My Greatest...

No, this time I'm not talking about my woman, I'm referring to my Spring/Summertime tradition and my new edition.  If you know me then you know that I usually have some sort of hat on, fitted, kangol, soggy pimp hat (prom), cowboy hat, straw hat, Raiden (from Mortal Kombat) hat from Kings Dominion, or whatever I feel fits for the moment.  But the past few years I've been buying a White Sox & a Nationals fitted hat yearly (if you wear them as often as I do they will only last a year) but also adding a new alternative hat from either of the teams.  This years hat, Nationals New Era "59 Fifty MLB Graphite", was the last that they had in stock and it was in my size. I had to get it.  Not to mention its in my favorite color combination being that I grew up a Bulls fan and I went to Suitland High School Red & Black aren't strangers to my closet.  However I do feel inclined to find a certain pair of J's (Jordans) to go with this hat perfectly.  I will be finding a reason to wear this hat as much as possible, but not too much because I usually try to make my "alternates" last me 2 or 3 seasons.
Above are my yearly usuals.  I've been rocking the White Sox hat since Elementary, first it was a Hip-Hop thing, then in 6th Grade my Mom met my Step Father and his cousin is Frank Thomas. So thanks to a few signed baseball cards and other things "The Big Hurt" sent me I have been a White Sox fan ever since.  As for the Nats hat, well its a symbol of my hometown like the Yankees cap is in the five boroughs. I've been rocking this hat from the moment DC got the team and even though the team hasn't fully blossomed yet I'm rooting for them in every game (except against the White Sox).

Below here are my "alternates" from previous years.  Last year I actually bought two, I was looking for the Nationals hat in Dodger colors because of a few shirts that I just bought so the Nats New Era "59Fifty MLB C-Dub" was perfect, but I didn't expect to see this throwback White Sox New Era "59Fifty MLB Cooperstown" hat in the style that I remember as a kid and have baseball cards of players wearing it, I couldn't pass up on it.
The hat from the year before that was a little different from the ones that came to follow, as you can see one year I went with a football hat to rep for my favorite team the 49ers.  I had recently lost my regular 49ers hat and I needed a new one, so I went with this Mitchell & Ness Alternative Logo Throwback just to switch things up, I've only had a few outfits that I've been able to rock this with, but honestly no hat fits better than a New Era...no offense.

...and just as a shout out to two great songs from two different genre's in music, which I used to create the title to this blog.  Teddy Pendergrass "My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration" followed by J.Cole "In the Morning".  You gotta enjoy good music!