Tired of Being Costanza...

Do you feel like this when you sit down or try to pull out your wallet?

Yeah, I was too... I couldn't find a back pocket wallet with space for cards, IDs, Money, and receipts. I had one before it was made by Kenneth Cole. I actually had two of them, I wore those wallets out. But then out of nowhere Kenneth Cole didn't make them anymore and I couldn't find it anywhere. I found some other ones that looked similar but they always fell apart quick or when I got them they weren't close to being the same.

Then one day my regular Fossil bi-fold wallet was just too much for my dress pants back pocket and I barely had anything anything in it. So I looked around on the internet again in search of that Kenneth Cole wallet, but instead I stumbled on this Royce Leather Double ID Money Clip Wallet on Overstock.com. Then I read the reviews and I decided to try it out.  I looked like my Kenneth Cole Wallet but with an extra fold.  The reviews were great and I was sold.

I got the brown one, and so far I love it. It has enough storage, plus the ID Display on the front and on the back, and its very thin (with or without money in it).  I keep receipts in one clip until I balance my checkbook, and I keep my money in another clip.  I have cards in every slot and IDs and 2 other cards (insurance cards and what not) in both of the ID windows.  Its not so slim like a front pocket wallet that I have to keep patting my pocket to make sure its there, and its not so fat that I want to take it out of my pocket when I'm sitting down for a long time.  It seems like it fits in my back pocket perfectly not matter what I have in it or what pants I have on.  Also in my opinion, at $26, is wasn't that expensive either.

I'm not trying to sell it to you, I'm just trying to help you out if you are having wallet problems like George did up there.