Test Driving These Puppies at the Dominion of Kings

So I went ahead and bought a pair of the five fingers shoes and I'm going to test them out today at Kings Dominion.  So I'll be doing a lot of walking and some water activities. The plan is for these to be my excursion shoes on my upcoming cruise and if this pair works out then I will probably get a black pair too so that I can match up with whatever outfit I might have on for the day.  Also since they are cross trainers in hope to be able to work out and do my cardio in these shoes at some point.

The salesman definitely said your feet will feel like you body feels after you workout for the first time in months. So I expect to be sore but for the greater good... I guess.

The great thing about REI, the place I bought these from, is that they have like a two month return policy. No matter if the shoes are worn or not, if i don like them or feel they just aren't for me, I can just return them at anytime and get a full refund.

If you plan on buying a pair I definitely suggest going to a store and getting sized up then trying on a pair.  I'm told they are like fitted caps where a size in one style might not fit like the same size in another style. The sizes are also European so my usual 10 turned out to be a 42.

For more info and specs on them go to the REI website.  They have specs and user reviews and you will notice that there are a few styles to choose from. You will have to figure out which ones best suit your needs or wants from the shoe.

I'll update this at some point later to say whatever these did or didn't work out for me.