The Light Of The Sun: After Further Review...

The Light Of The Sun On My Back
After Further Review...

Ok, so yesterday I purchased the new Jilly from Philly CD from Amazon, and I got the Deluxe version to get the extra bonus tracks.  My first listen of about 75% of the album was at work with headphones on.  I didn't have it up to loud (I hate when I can hear other people's music and they have on headphones) but I was just letting the CD ride.  No stopping, no looking at track names, just letting it go.  I wasn't impressed, nothing jumped out at me, it wasn't meeting my expectations of the CD.  But I knew I had to listen to it a little more thoroughly later, especially since I paid for it and it didn't mysteriously end up in my library of music from some unknown source.  But honestly even if it was garbage, I support artist that I like so I wouldn't have been too hurt by it. Hey, I've bought every Jay-Z CD he's put out including Kingdom Come and Blueprint 2, LOL. That was for some of my Jigga-Stans that I know.

But anyway back to my "After Further" review.  The 2nd and 3rd listens to this CD were in my car turned all the way up, with the windows up and the AC on to avoid any outside interferences.  I must say I completely enjoyed this CD and turned up loud so that you can feel her words and hear every bit of the beats is the only way this should be listened to.  Well aside from in the background during an intimate moment with your special someone, but hey that's up to you.

I will give this CD a 4.25 out of 5 based off of beats, lyrics, and overall vibe, its a really good CD and if you are a Jill Scott fan I think you will enjoy this CD.  As of right now I like every track except for two.  Those two I can listen to but I see myself skipping them in the near future.  All Cried Out with Doug E Fresh and Quick, maybe they are good songs but they don't fit the vibe that the rest of the CD was putting me in.  Quick does tell an interesting story but after I hear it once or twice I can skip it and keep my vibe going.  I even enjoy the two bonus tracks from the Amazon Deluxe version of the CD.  I'll say my favorites for right now, I can see this changing multiple times as I continue to listen, are So In Love, So Gone, Until Then, and Rolling Hills.

Its very normal for me to not like a CD the first time through but after a few listens in different environments and moods for me to completely flip it around and give the CD a high ranking.  That's how I felt about the Blueprint 3, I didn't like it at first but after awhile it grew on me and at the end of the day its worth at least 4.5 Mics.  Its very rare that I will like a CD at the beginning then dislike it later, I could get tired of it like I did with the Miseducation of Lauren Hill, but even if I get tired of it and can come back to it maybe once every few years and still enjoy it.

With this blogpost I completely retract my statement about "the new Jill Scott cd is just...Meh..." and go on record to say this is a well put together album and its more like "umm hmmm" and "oh yeah" and "umm umm umm" than it is "meh".

Enjoy Folks!