Heavy D the Overweight Lover Tribute Mix

As I've blogged about before a friend of mine, DJ Dublee, provides streaming DJ Mixes via his website (DJ at your desk for Free).  He usually makes his 12 O'Clock drop mixes relevant to current events or holidays.  Today's Mix, as it should be, is dedicated to the Overweight Lover, Heavy D.  Who some of the younger croud might not know of his music, but those of us that enjoyed hiphop in the late 80's and throughout the 90's we are very familiar with him and enjoyed practically every song he put out or had dealings with.  This is a great loss for HipHop.  Rest in Peace Dwight Myers.

Big Daddy
Got Me Waiting
Gyrlz They Love Me
Candy Rain
Black Coffee
Overweight Lover
Nothing But Love
More Bounce
Is It Good To You
Somebody For Me
We Got Our Own Thing
Now That We Found Love