Safe Sexting... [Apps]

Recently I've come across a couple articles about mobile apps coming out to help make sexting safer.  I'm guessing because camera phones are almost unavoidable at this point and many have front camera.  People like to get a little creative with what they send to someone they are interested in or dating.  The downfall to having this bit of extra fun to keep your mate entertained when you aren't near is what could happen if y'all go your separate ways or if they aren't into you like you are into them?  Do they just delete the picture or do they decide to put you on blast for their amusement and your embarrassment?  Most of us aren't famous enough for TMZ to end up with the pictures but with social networking and pictures sharing at an all time high, its not hard to believe that there have been a few ex's to broadcast pictures during Twitter trending topics on Tuesdays and Thursdays or other media sharing stages such as Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. 

Well that's the problem and now they are in the first stages of the solution.  I say first stages because both apps I'll list below have potential but both need some work.  What will probably end up happening in the future, iOS and/or Android will add an optional expiration to their text messaging applications. #MarkMyWord

The first application I heard about is called Snap Chat for iOS (only) available in the AppStore.  This application requires that both parties have the application but it allows you to set a time limit for the picture to be available after the other person opens it.  It doesn't prevent the other user from taking a screenshot but will send you a notification to let you know that they took one.  The application uses its own messaging services so your messages will not take away from your monthly text messages.

The second app (Fancy Snap) has its benefits and downfalls compared to the first one, this one doesn't require that both individuals have the application so even though the app is Android only, the type of phone the recipient has doesn't matter. The messages will use your monthly allotment for text messaging for those without unlimited SMS/MMS.  Fancy Snap is available on Android OS and has a free and paid version in the Android Market Google Play Store. Much like the application above you set a timer for the picture to expire, but it adds read receipts, and some graphics to help you do some censoring.  Here's a few screen shots of this app.

Which ever you choose or don't choose be safe and always know that whatever recklessness you participate in today can come back to haunt you in the future.